A Prison With Golden Bars Is Still A Prison

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In the last articles “Temporary & Unsatisfying Nature Of Swarg-Part 1” & “Temporary & Unsatisfying Nature Of Swarg-Part 2”, we saw that although Shree Krishna explained to Arjun that if he did his duty by fighting the war, he would be rewarded with the pleasures of this world or of swarg.  However, this was not sufficient incentive to motivate Arjun to fight the war. He was convinced that both worldly pleasures and those of swarg are temporary and unfulfilling. Both good actions (punya) and bad actions (pap) are binding. Punya sends one to swarg, and pap sends one to narak, but in either case one is still stuck in the cycle of birth and death and under the bondage of karm, time, and maya. Whether you put poison in a sweet ball that tastes delicious, or you put poison in a bitter drink that tastes terrible, it is still poison. Whether you go to swarg and enjoy, or whether you go to narak and suffer, you are still under maya, and you still end up being reborn in this world. Swarg is like a prison with golden bars, and this world is like a prison with iron bars, but both are within the realm of maya. After having understood the reality of Swarg, Arjun wanted to go beyond it.

At this point Shree Krishna asked Arjun to go beyond the Vedas. Why did Shree Krishna say such a thing, when Ved is the foundation of Sanatan Dharm? What is our Divine Goal? Seek answers to these questions and more in our next article “Going Beyond The Vedas: Strive For The Divine Goal”.

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