A Glimpse Of Selfless Devotion

blog-braj saintOnce there was a Saint in Braj who was always drowned in the Bliss of Radha Krishna. Seeing Shyam Sundar close to him in his bhao, he ran to embrace Him, but after going a short distance, his matted hair became entangled in a bush. Shyam Sundar disappeared. The Saint said, “All right. Let’s see how long You can stay away from me.” He was thinking about disentangling his hair, but then a thought came into his mind, “Maybe my beloved Shyam Sundar likes to see me in this pose. I have not deliberately entangled my hair, if I disentangle it for my own happiness, then that may not fulfill the wish of my beloved. So I’m not going to disentangle it.” In this way, he remained standing for seven days and nights.

Shyam Sundar’s heart is extremely tender. The one who knows this secret never leaves Him. On the seventh day, Shyam Sundar came in disguise and said, “O Babaji! You are very lazy. Can’t you disentangle your own hair?” The Saint said, “A third person shouldn’t interfere in the matters of a husband and wife. Please go Your own way.”

Shyam Sundar said, “O brother, it does matter. That is why I am here.” The Saint said, “I don’t understand what You mean.” Krishna said, “I am your beloved.” The Saint answered, “My beloved Shyam Sundar is the beloved of Radha Rani, Whose beautiful form is curved in three places.” Thakur Ji accepted His defeat and came in His true form. Seeing Him, the Saint was overwhelmed.

When Shyam Sundar lifted His hand to disentangle the Saint’s hair, the Saint said, “Hey! Touching another’s wife is a sin.” Krishna said, “Even now you are another’s wife?” The Saint said, “Yes. I will not believe You until Radha Rani Herself comes and says, ‘He is My beloved’.” This means that Krishna came under the control of the Saint’s love, and the Saint took advantage of Krishna’s gracious kindness. Thus, Radha Rani also came, the problem was resolved, and his hair was disentangled. This is a glimpse of selfless devotion.

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