4 Steps To A Disciplined Life

4 Steps To A Disciplined Life

In the sixth chapter of the Bhagwad Gita, Shree Krishna has described how one should observe discipline with respect to diet, behavior and sleep.

Control Over Food
All the necessary vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, B, C, D, etc. required by the body, must be present in the food you consume. Do not eat for the pleasure and satisfaction of your palate. Don’t live to eat; eat to live. This is the first teaching. That individual who gains control over the desire to eat and drink can also succeed in conquering ‘other’ worldly passions and cravings.

Cultivate Positive Behavior
The second teaching is behavior. Foster and cultivate positive and favorable behavior toward the world. Many people make mistakes in doing this. Heartfelt and faithful dedication and submission should only be toward God and the Saints. In the world, you only have to display an act of subservience.

Always Speak Sweetly
Speak less, speak sweetly. Soften and sweeten your behavior. The person who speaks too much is the one who often gets into quarrels, arguments and conflicts. He also ruins his devotional destiny due to this flaw.  The one who remains silent doesn’t face undue complications or hassles in the world, and along with that, his devotional feelings also remain intact.

Control Sleep
Sleep is highly detrimental. Too much sleep is harmful for the physical body- it will damage the various organs of the body. There is a limit to resting. Also, It is important to do exercise after resting.  The physical body has been designed in such a way that both rest and exercise are necessary.

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